University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, PA

Enrollment: 9,750 undergraduate students                 Calendar: Semester

Private, 4-year, Coed

Residential campus in an urban setting.

Beautiful quad areas give students the feeling of green space.

Founded by Ben Franklin.

All classes are taught by faculty. Student to faculty ratio is 6:1

Comprised of four schools:

  • The College (School of Arts and Sciences)
  • School of Engineering and Applied Science
  • Wharton School of Business
  • School of Nursing
Statue of Penn founder, Ben Franklin

Statue of Penn founder, Ben Franklin

Penn 3

Penn 2

Penn 5

Penn 6

Penn 7

Penn 8

Penn 10

Penn 12

Student Residence Halls

Penn 13

Penn 14

The Wharton School of Business

The Wharton School of Business

Inside the Wharton School

Inside the Wharton School

Penn 17

Villanova University

Villanova, PA

Enrollment: 7,120 undergraduate students

Private, 4-year, Coed                                                         Calendar: Semester

Residential campus in a suburban setting

Roman Catholic Institution founded by the Order of Saint Augustine in 1842.

Located approximately 12 miles outside of Philadelphia.

Villanova values applying knowledge to better the human condition.

Villanova Main Entrance

Villanova University

Student Union

Student Union

Villanova 4

Villanova 5

Villanova 6

Nursing School

Nursing School

Villanova 7

Engineering Building

Engineering Building

Villanova 10

Villanova 11JPG

Business School

Business School

Villanova 12

Villanova 14

Boston College

Chestnut Hill, MA

BC 1

Enrollment:  9,040 undergraduate students                Calendar:  Semester

Private, 4-year, Coed                                                               Jesuit, Catholic School

Boston College undergraduates study on one of the most beautiful college campuses in the country featuring Gothic architecture, expansive green space, and state-of-the-art technology. Academic majors are organized in four schools: College of Arts and Sciences 65%, Carroll School of Management 25%, Lynch School of Education 6%, and the School of Nursing 3%. BC does not have fraternities or sororities so students build life-long friendships through clubs and service learning opportunities. With a T-station just steps away from the campus entrance, students enjoy easy access to all that the city of Boston has to offer.


BC 4 BC 6 BC 10 BC 9 BC 8 BC 7 BC 11 BC 13

BC 14 A BC 15
BC 21 BC 20 BC 19 BC 25 BC 22

BC Football 1 Flute Statue

The George Washington University

Washington, DC

GW 1

Enrollment:  9,760 undergraduate students                Calendar:  Semester

Private, 4-year, Coed

The Foggy Bottom campus is situated in the heart of Washington, DC, and provides students with unique opportunities to study and intern with leaders in U.S. government, policy and law. Widely known for its program in international affairs, GW also offers excellent academics in the areas of business, journalism, medicine and health sciences, engineering, forensic science, and public policy. The GW University has two additional campuses: the Mount Vernon Campus and the GW Virginia Science and Technology Campus.GW 2 GW 3 GW 4 GW 5 GW 6 GW 8 GW 9 GW 12 GW 13 GW 14 GW 15 GW 17

Northeastern University

Boston, MA


Enrollment:  17,107 undergraduate students             Calendar:  Semester

Private, 4-year, Coed

Northeastern University classroom academics are enhanced by experiential learning opportunities such as NU’s highly acclaimed cooperative education program. Students gain hands-on work experience in their field of study; making Northeastern graduates well prepared to dive into rewarding careers. Standout programs at NU include, business, computer and information science, engineering, and health sciences.

Northeastern 2A

Northeastern 1A

Northeastern 20

Student Union

Northeastern 10 Northeastern 9 Northeastern 8 Northeastern 7 Northeastern 6 Northeastern 5 Northeastern 3 Northeastern 19 Northeastern 18 Northeastern 17 Northeastern 16

Dorm Complex

Dorm Complex

Northeastern 11Northeastern 13 Northeastern 12 Northeastern Engineer.3 Northeastern Engineer.2 Northeastern Engineer.1 Northeastern 26 Northeastern 25 Northeastern 23 Northeastern 22

Tufts University

Medford, MA

Tufts. Title

Enrollment:  5,300 undergraduate students                Calendar:  Semester

Private, 4-year, Coed

Tufts University is situated in a small city with easy access to Boston, MA that is home to more than 250,000 college students. Approximately 90 percent of Tufts undergraduates study in the School of Arts and Sciences and 10 percent pursue degrees in the School of Engineering. According to the Tufts website: “The university strives to foster personal relationships between students and faculty, encouraging individual attention in both the classroom and research settings.”

Tufts 1 Tufts 2 Tufts 3 Tufts 7 Tufts 6 Tufts 5 Tufts 4 Tufts 8 Tufts 9 Tufts 10 Tufts 11 Tufts 16 Tufts 15 Tufts 13 Tufts 12


University of Maryland

College Park, MD

Maryland 1

Enrollment:  26,660 undergraduate students             Calendar:  Semester

Public, 4-year, Coed

Located approximately 30 minutes from Washington, DC via the Metro public transportation system. Maryland boasts strong academic programs in business, engineering, public health and more. Professors teach all classes.

Student Union

Student Union

Maryland 2 Maryland 3 Maryland 4Maryland 5 Maryland 6 Maryland 7 Maryland 8 Maryland 10Maryland 11 Maryland 12

Jim Henson Creator of the Muppets and alumnus of the University of Maryland.

Jim Henson
Creator of the Muppets and alumnus of the University of Maryland.

Maryland 15 Maryland 16 Maryland 17 Maryland 18

Food Court

Food Court

Maryland 20

Testudo, the official mascot of the University of Maryland.

Testudo, the official mascot of the University of Maryland.

Maryland 22 Maryland 21

American University

Washington, DC

Washington, DC

Enrollment: 7,340 undergraduate students                 Calendar: Semester

Private, 4-year, Coed

Located in the nation’s capital. This institution is recognized for its excellent programs in political science, international relations and language studies.

American.1 American.2 American.3 American.4 American.5 American.6 American.7 American.8 American.9 American.10 American.11 American.12


Georgetown University

Washington, DC



Enrollment: 7,630 undergraduate students Private, 4-year, Coed                                                         Calendar:  Semester Residential campus in an urban setting Jesuit Education – Roman Catholic Church

Georgetown.5 Georgetown.6 Georgetown.7 Georgetown.8 Georgetown.9 Georgetown.10 Georgetown.11 Georgetown.12 Georgetown.13 Georgetown.14 Georgetown.15 Georgetown.16 Georgetown.17 Georgetown.18 Georgetown.19                                                                                                         

University of Tennessee

Knoxville, TN


Enrollment:  21,000 undergraduates

Public, 4-year, Coed                          Calendar:  Semester

Residential campus in a large city of approximately 433,000 people (2010)

Location – The Knoxville McGhee Tyson Airport (TYS) is a short 16-minute drive from campus. The city of Knoxville is offers a “blend of small-town charm and big-city opportunities” with student-friendly and upscale dining and entertainment. The Tennessee River runs along the southeast side of campus, perfect for “sailgating” before football games.  The Knoxville area has four seasons with fall temperatures typically around 80 degrees and winter lows close to 30 degrees. Students are able to visit the Great Smoky Mountains situated approximately 60 miles from campus, and Nashville is only a three-hour drive.

Campus – Big Orange.  Big Ideas.  Rich traditions abound on this large campus that is currently undergoing a major campus beautification program.  Featuring 560 acres of buildings and green space, UT has a bus system that runs along the perimeter of campus transporting students from one end to the other.  However, walking to classes and amenities is very doable and helps students avoid the “freshman fifteen pounds.”

Buildings are constructed mainly of red brick and the interiors are being updated with the latest technology to support classroom learning.  The stunning Hodges Main library is filled with computer stations for research, small rooms for meetings to collaborate on projects and huge comfortable chairs for studying.  New buildings include:  John D. Tickle Engineering Building and Min Kao Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Building.

The Neyland Football Stadium and the Thompson-Boling Basketball Arena sit prominently on the campus grounds and students fill both venues to support their beloved Volunteers.

Academic Strengths

•     Business

•     Engineering

•     Forensics

•     Communications – Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations

•     Architecture

•     Nursing

•     Veterinary Medicine

•     All freshmen are required to take the First Year Studies and Academic Support class designed to teach students how to be successful in college.

•     70% of classes have less than 30 students

•     The Student to Faculty Ratio is 15 to 1, impressive for a large public institution

 New Sorority Village – Large, beautiful sorority houses are being built on one street, creating a village of Greek life absent fraternities that are strategically located on the other side of campus.  A bus stop sits conveniently at the top of the sorority circle to transport young women to the heart of campus.

Student Life – Students can request the type of residential hall they would like to live in.  Turn in your housing agreement quickly.



•     UT does consider legacy as a factor for admission

•     To be considered for one of the largest merit based scholarships; an additional Competitive Scholarship Essay is required (looks for leadership experience).

•     Academic Common Market – Students can check the academic common market website for majors that are offered at UT, but not available in their home state and then be eligible for Tennessee instate tuition.

Tennessee.11 Tennessee.10 Tennessee.9 Tennessee.8 Tennessee 7 Tennessee.6 Tennessee.5 Tennessee.4 Tennessee.3Tennessee.Football Tennessee.14