The George Washington University

Washington, DC

GW 1

Enrollment:  9,760 undergraduate students                Calendar:  Semester

Private, 4-year, Coed

The Foggy Bottom campus is situated in the heart of Washington, DC, and provides students with unique opportunities to study and intern with leaders in U.S. government, policy and law. Widely known for its program in international affairs, GW also offers excellent academics in the areas of business, journalism, medicine and health sciences, engineering, forensic science, and public policy. The GW University has two additional campuses: the Mount Vernon Campus and the GW Virginia Science and Technology Campus.GW 2 GW 3 GW 4 GW 5 GW 6 GW 8 GW 9 GW 12 GW 13 GW 14 GW 15 GW 17

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