Northeastern University

Boston, MA


Enrollment:  17,107 undergraduate students             Calendar:  Semester

Private, 4-year, Coed

Northeastern University classroom academics are enhanced by experiential learning opportunities such as NU’s highly acclaimed cooperative education program. Students gain hands-on work experience in their field of study; making Northeastern graduates well prepared to dive into rewarding careers. Standout programs at NU include, business, computer and information science, engineering, and health sciences.

Northeastern 2A

Northeastern 1A

Northeastern 20

Student Union

Northeastern 10 Northeastern 9 Northeastern 8 Northeastern 7 Northeastern 6 Northeastern 5 Northeastern 3 Northeastern 19 Northeastern 18 Northeastern 17 Northeastern 16

Dorm Complex

Dorm Complex

Northeastern 11Northeastern 13 Northeastern 12 Northeastern Engineer.3 Northeastern Engineer.2 Northeastern Engineer.1 Northeastern 26 Northeastern 25 Northeastern 23 Northeastern 22

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